Attendance Monitoring and Catch-Up Policy

Attendance Reporting and Monitoring

We have an online register system which the teachers update after each session. Please don’t report ad hoc absences as they are recorded by the teachers and accessed by head office. We can’t utilise the space for an ad hoc absence, so the online register records are adequate for what our management/admin team require. If your child is going to be absent for more than 2 consecutive weeks for ongoing illness please email so we can notify the relevant teacher.

Process for Booking Catch Ups

To book a catch up please call 0191 491 3449 and select the catch-up option.
Please note we do not accept email or text catch-up requests.

Cath Up Policy

Our catch-up offer is a benefit which we offer to help you make the most out of your membership fee and attend as many lessons as possible. Catch-ups should be used for occasional and unavoidable absences only, or any cancellations from Swimfun North East. They must be booked and used within the month of the absence. If the absence is just before a school holiday break they will be carried over into the next term. If your child is going to have a long-term absence, then please contact us to discuss and plan a return which will include a catch-up programme to progress skill development and swimming time in general that they will have missed.