Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions before confirming your membership. Your membership is confirmed when you join the Gocardless scheme which is confirmation that you agree to these terms.

We keep prices to a minimum and very competitive in comparison to other private swim schools. Each class runs if there are minimum numbers to make it financially viable.

Membership Fees

Our monthly scheme is £35 per month, each month of the year, until you wish to cancel, and you pay a full month in advance. Your first payment will be collected a few days after you join and thereafter on the 1 st of each month. GoCardless will send you an email reminder each month to prompt you that they will be collecting your payment on the 1 st . Payments are spread over 12 months which means when you cancel your direct debit you still have a month of swimming paid for which then provides us with a couple of weeks to fill your place. This scheme covers the cost of 40 lessons per each academic year which equates to £10.50 per lesson which is very competitive in comparison to other private swim schools. Please note the following information regarding our scheme:

  • Your booking is not confirmed until you have joined the membership scheme.
  • If your direct debit fails at any time, which can often happen, it is your responsibility to contact us and rectify the problem otherwise we will presume you no longer wish to return, and we will cancel your membership.
  • If you cancel your direct debit and don’t notify us, again we will presume you no longer require your place, and we will cancel your membership.

Session Cancellations

Customer: We are under no obligation to refund fees for reasons such as illness, holidays, etc. What we do offer, however, is the option to attend a catch-up lesson on a different day/time to make up for any missed sessions where we will try our best to accommodate you.
Swimfun North East: Occasionally we may need to cancel a session due to pool maintenance issues etc. If this does happen, please book a catch-up lesson. Please note that we do not offer refunds for cancelled sessions as we offer catch up lessons instead.

Notice Required

We require 1 months’ notice if you wish to cancel your membership. This includes if you book during holidays and haven’t started the programme yet. If you cancel during at the end of term your lessons will be carried over to the next term. Please confirm your cancellation in writing to swimfun.ne@gmail.com So, you don’t miss out on any lessons paid for as you can attend throughout the cancellation period. We will confirm your last day of swimming when we receive the cancellation email. CANCELLEATIONS MUST BE IN WRITING VIA EMAIL.


We hope you are more than satisfied with your experience at Swimfun North East but should have any issues for concern please contact Michelle Harrison, Managing Director of the business. If you wish to make a formal complaint please include full details in an email to management@swimfunnortheast.co.uk If you feel that the issue cannot be resolved from within the business then please refer to the complaint process of our governing body, Swim England.